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Client Projects

This page deals with Customer designed projects.........come to life.
If you think it up then I will build it!

Would you like to see a project of yours here? Give me a shout!


This is my inter-pretation of the Cartridge Conversion "Belly Gun" of the Old West, sometimes referred to as an "Avenging Angel". The customer, "Major2" named this one Dexter.

An EMF Hartford model 1861 with a Kirst Koverter.

The hammer is checkered like an original Colt, the Italian wording removed, fire blue appointments and Nitre blue finish on all parts except for the color cased frame.

The barrel has been chopped and the rammer area reprofiled for a "Sinister" look.

Of course the front sight is the "belly of your opponent.


This matched pair of Walkers were born about 20 years apart. The client, "Long Juan", wanted them to be just alike with the wish that they shoot 45 Colt ammo and still be able to be used as Cap and Ball revolvers too. I dubbed them "A Pair To Draw To".

I replaced the plastic grips on the older pistol, removed the Italian markings where necessary, did Deluxe action jobs.

 Hot blued them with a "high Gloss' polish job, refitted the wood and stained and applied tung oil finish.

 Forcing cones were reworked, timing set "just right" triggers balanced so they had the same feel and of course ported the frames and installed Kirst Konvertors..

Of special note the original cylinders were polished and left in the white as were many of the original replace-ments.

The Officer

A Pietta Remington ARMY model (AKA 1858) I built for a project to "fancy" up a pistol as might be carried by the likes of a General!

All Italian numbers removed and "Inspector" initials added.

Super high Gloss Hot Bluing, Nickle plated trigger guard for a little oomph!

The rammer is treated to my exclusive reshaping treatment to make the "sail" more correct and a false "transitional' cut!

Checkered hammer, action and forcing cone work.

Of course a six shot Kirst that has been fluted in 44 Heel Base caliber.

A lanyard ring reminiscent of the 1875 cartridge revolver was also added to the butt.
Click on the pictures to see them full size!
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