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Hourly Rate: $80.00

Re-line Navy Barrel to .357 $150.00
(includes forcing cone, cyinder gap, and crown)

Tighten Loose Arbor: $80.00

Defarb and reblue barrel: $100.00

Shorten and Recrown Barrel: $40.00

Silver Plate grip frame: $75.00

Install Kirst Konverter:
$80.00 to $125.00
Most are $80.00
includes port, finish, tune
(Compare at up to $125.00)

Action & Timing work: $60.00
(parts addt'l if necessary)

41 Colt conversion of Navy converter $80.00
(requires forcing cone alteration at $25.00)

I will beat any advertised price on Kirst conversion products. Call or email me for a quote!

 (817) 219-2966
First I would like to explain that because of experience many of my services can be done rather quickly so don't let the quoted hourly rate scare you!

It is also important to know that when I "group" services I REDUCE the total (meaning that the more I do, the more I discount the work)!

Because I am a licensed gunsmith YOU can ship your pistol directly to me, there is no need for you to pay an FFL holder at your end to ship or receive for you (this reduces your cost substantially). Contact me for details regarding shipment.

Kirst Kartridge Converters 
trained me to do their installations so I have LOTS of experience with their product.

Your SATISFACTION is PARAMOUNT to me. I aim to please so take solace in knowing that you will be treated RIGHT. I will contact you and keep you informed about progress and will call you with questions in order to make the gun of your DREAMS!
41 Colt Conversion
Tired of the hassles associated with the "38" caliber navy Cylinders?
Want more ACCURACY?
How about more POWER?

Here is the solution:

I ream the chambers and throats of your cylinder to accept 41 Colt INSIDE LUBED cartridges. The forcing cone in the barrel also need to be recut to be greater than .386. The nominal bore size of the 36 caliber cap and ball revolvers is close enough to the .386 size of the inside lubed 41 Colt as long as you use soft cast bullets.

This is still a handload proposition as the factories have not produced this caliber since the 70's or 80's. I provide a tutorial showing how to fireform cases cheaply from 38 Special cases and I sell the correct bullet sizer and bullet Moulds.

No Heel Base bullet hassles
No Hollow Base bullets hassles

See the "Reloading" page for 41 Colt Dies, Moulds, Crimpers, and Supplies

This is really the cats meow! Major power in a Navy sized period correct revolver!
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