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Single Action Work

Do you own a Cowboy Cartridge Revolver and want to "CUSTOMIZE" it?

I can do "race" work on your SASS or Cowboy Action firearms as well as PERIOD CORRECT work for GAF and NCOWS.

I can accomplish your desires.................from action & tuning jobs to Buntline conversions in the caliber of your choice.

Feel free to contact me at your convenience with your ideas, you'll find my work fast and my ethics exemplary!

RUGER Services

How about a Colt 3rd Generation Barrel installed?
How about Colt style Cylinder Bevels?
How about a Half Cock Colt style action?
Want to get rid of the "Warning" label?


Maybe Change the barrel length?
How about changing the caliber?
Or you want it reblued and the Italian writing removed?

I also work on 1875/1890 Remington Clones, Pocket Pistols (Colt, Remington and others), Schofields, Lever Actions and all other Cowboy guns.

First I would like to explain that because of experience many of my services can be done rather quickly so don't let the quoted hourly rate scare you!

It is also important to know that when I "group" services I REDUCE the total (meaning that the more I do, the more I discount the work)!

Because I am a licensed gunsmith YOU can ship your pistol directly to me, there is no need for you to pay an FFL holder at your end to ship or receive for you (this reduces your cost substantially). Contact me for details regarding shipment.

I wa trained to be a Kirst installer and have LOTS of experience with their product.

Your SATISFACTION is PARAMOUNT to me. I aim to please so take solace in knowing that you will be treated RIGHT. I will contact you and keep you informed about progress and will call you with questions in order to make the gun of your DREAMS!

Hourly Rate: $80.00

Defarb and reblue barrel: $80.00

Shorten and Recrown Barrel: $40.00

Silver Plate grip frame: $75.00

Install Kirst Konverter starting at: $80.00
includes port, finish, tune
(Compare at up to $125.00)

Action & Timing work: $60.00
(parts addt'l if necessary)

Forcing Cone Corrections: $25.00

Change Barrel and set Cylinder Gap/headspace starting at $40.00
(Please call for additional information)

41 Colt conversion of Navy converter $80.00 plus forcing cone correction

Contact me at your convenience for additional pricing. or give me a call, 9 AM to 9 PM Central Standard Time,  (817) 219-2966



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